Makeover Studio

Create a customer makeover using our virtual studio.

Allow customers to play with all your makeup products.

Invite your customer into your Makeover Studio where they can instantly create complete looks on their own image. Upload a photo, apply makeup, and add to the cart – simple as 1-2-3!

The application of makeup is virtual, but looks oh-so-real. Makeover Studio satisfies the customer’s demand for “try before you buy,” and even allows your customer to share their looks on popular social media platforms.

Whether your customer is a beauty novice or a beauty guru, Makeover Studio can help them find their best look yet.


Improve cross-selling.
Customers combine multiple products into a complete look or apply your signature looks.

Enhance viral marketing.
Customers share their makeovers to popular social media platforms.

Increase conversion rates.
Customers who use Makeover Studio are up to five times more likely to make a purchase.

Build brand awareness.
Users spend on average 14 minutes trying on your products, allowing you to build brand awareness and connect with your customer.


Choose Models

Choose models to showcase your beauty products from dozens of models in our library.

Select Products

Choose from thousands of products in our library, or upload your own products onto our platform.

Add Our Tag

Add our one-line tag to your webpage.

Apply Your Styles

Apply your stylesheet to get the look and feel you want. That’s all there is to it!