Cosmetic Mirror

“Try before you buy” with virtual samples

Your products on shoppers’ photos

A button on your product page allows your customers to upload their photo. They can then see products applied to their own photo as they browse from product page to product page.

  • Upload a photo
  • Apply makeup as they browse
  • Add selections to the cart

The application of makeup is virtual, but looks oh-so-real.


Increase conversion rates
More time on site = more opportunities to convert visits to purchases. Conversion rates may increase as much as 142%.

Reduce return rates
Customers self-select the right products.

Improve customer satisfaction
Customers discover the products that fit their look.

Increase time on site
Cosmetic Mirror is interactive and a little bit addictive – patiently helping customers build confidence in their choices.


Select Products

Choose from thousands of products in our library, or upload your products into the platform

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Add our simple SDK to your product page
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